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We have the choice

We have a Choice has grown out of a voluntary citizens’ initiative by Kristin Verellen – who lost her life partner in the attacks of Maelbeek on 22 March 2016 – and a circle of friends. In a world where harshness, polarization, extremism, blind violence and terror lead to traumatizing situations, we want to build a culture of inclusive togetherness inclusion and dialogue.


The Circles, guided by professional facilitators, offer a qualitative moment in which we become still and quiet, then share with each other in words or in silence what is going on inside of us.

In addition “We have the choice” also develops other projects to support its mission.

Planned Circles

“We all contribute to the greater whole”, wrote Gerlinde Flo to Kristin Verellen. She articulates beautifully how we like to put the Circles in the world: as healing rituals that contribute to a society where we know ourselves as connected with each other. You are very welcome to participate in the Open Circles. Here you find the planned circles.




“Thank you for this space to think about our love, our loss and all that we share… It was a moment to come down from our busy-ness, to allow ourselves time and space to reflect and feel, and to share both laughter and tears…. Suzy”

“I treasure these moments of stillness together in the circles.  I feel connected with myself, with the others, with the world.  I can welcome the emotions, stories and reflections that we share in the group, through silence and through words. I return home with more clarity. Dorothy”

Circles & activities

26Sep '20

Circle at meeting of signatories ‘Declaration 30 November 2019’

  • When Saturday September 26th
  • Where Broechem
  • What Prison director Hans Claus took the initiative to formulate the ‘declaration of 30 November 2019’ together with people active in various social domains. The Declaration brings cohesion and strengthens people’s commitment. Through the outlines they know they are connected in the pursuit of a common goal, in writing a new collective story, which, as always, rests on the shoulders of older stories. We have the choice accompanies a circle ritual at the meeting of the first signatories of this Declaration.
  • Participation By invitation only
30Aug '20

Time to connect • Online Circle Ritual • Theme: loss and mourning

When Sunday 30 August from 4.30 p.m. to 6 p.m.
Where Online
What We have the choice and Bond zonder Naam and Human Online invite you to a monthly online moment of connection. You can experience authentic human-to-human contact and recharge your battery.  Make sure you have a good WiFi connection, best via computer or laptop with camera. At 4:30 pm We have the choice will guide you in an online Circle Ritual. A Circle offers you the space to stand still, and express which is unprocessed and unspoken. In this way you will find new meaning and resilience to keep on standing and to go for authentic choices. We have the choice. Whatever happens to us, we can always choose how we deal with it. A Circle is no ordinary dialogue, it’s about sharing and listening from heart to heart. Anyone can speak, but there is no obligation to speak. Your presence is enough.
Theme of this Circle Ritual is loss and mourning. Who and what have we had to let go of in the past period? What wants to be felt and seen. How do we keep standing when life shows its raw side? What choice do we make from this place?
Register Free participation. Registration is required via eventbrite. You will receive the link for the zoom call by mail. Login is possible from 16h15 to test the connection. Start Circle at 16h30.

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