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When the world needs us to sit together, listen and connect

Core Team

Kristin Verellen

Consulting, coaching, process guidance and creation of workshops and rituals for development, connecting and change in organizations. For individuals, teams, leaders and corporate brands. Gestalt therapist, systemic author, career and leadership coach.

Karen van Heuckelom

Individual & team coaching, supervision, facilitator of process changes in organizations. Expert in sustainable employment and engagement of employees to help shape the organization.

Greet Heylen

Facilitator, coordinator, network enhancer and initiator of regenerative processes. She puts her enthusiasm, organisational talent and personal magnetism to effective use in growing and developing “We have a choice”.

Christel Dusoleil

Organizational talent and networker. She has the talent to bring together people from very different backgrounds around various social themes. She has been involved in We have the choice from the very beginning and her challenge is to further professionalize this citizens’ initiative.

Board of Directors

An Verelst

Psychologist, Policy Officer Victim Support Europe – EU Network of victim support organizations, National Director CCS Psychosocial Support Center for war-affected children & families in Congo.

Fatima Zibouh

Researcher for the Center of Ethnic and Migration Studies at ULG, expert in the political participation of migrants and human rights, Secretary of the Belgian Association of Political Sciences.

Igor Byttebier

Manager of Syntegration BVBA, author of the book “Creativity. How? Like That! “, Supervisor of innovation in strategic and social issues.

Jean Verstraete

Independent Gestalt therapist, private practice, collaboration with the medical and psychotherapeutic center, management in the service sector, executive director of internal audits and administrative processes.

Stien Michiels

Independent team coach, trainer and facilitator of cultural process changes in organizations since 2006, theatre maker and artistic reporter, copywriter, background in communication and creative processes.