• When Thursday 24 October 2019 at 19h
  • Where Destelheide, Destelheidestraat 66, 1653 Dworp
  • What The exhibition Standing Still / Still Standing offers a total experience of photographs by Johan van Steen, poems by Kristin Verellen and testimonials by participants of the Circle Rites. This will be done in conjunction with the work of Brussels youngsters from Centre West who, in the summer of 2019, under the guidance of artist Katrien Oosterlinck and supported in Circles of We have the choice, started to work creatively on the Circle theme.
    Through various approaches, the exhibition Standing Still / Standing Standing allows visitors to experience how pausing at a situation contributes to connection with yourself and others, and ultimately to new resilience. Because no matter what happens to you, you can always choose how you deal with it. We have the choice. The exhibition will be opened at 19h with a musical and poetic animated interview with Kristin Verellen and Katrien Oosterlinck. Sigrid Bousset, director of the Herman Teirlinckhuis and Bryce Bettens, a passionate young talent from Beersel, will provide a lively conversation.
    Afterwards, you can discover the exhibition during a festive reception, and get a signed book to support the non-profit cause of We have the choice.
    At 20h30 you will have the opportunity to experience a Circle yourself, guided by We have the choice, in the beautiful setting of the exhibition. Paul J. Simon, a talented musician from the region, brings us in the right atmosphere with some of his new songs
  • More information: www.destelheide.be
  • Entrance: Free
  • Registration: for the vernissage and the circle is necessary – places in the circle are limited.