The 22-03 gathering Brussels: A CIRCLE A DAY + CIRCLE TO COMMEMORATE & CONNECT
A CIRCLE A DAY — 22 MARCH 2023 — A living monument for peace
13h – 17h
De Brouckèreplein, Brussel
Connection, equality, slowing down, peace, presence … Do you want to join the circle?
Welcome to this first circle of A CIRCLE A DAY during THE 22-03 GATHERING at De Brouckèreplein in Brussels. We invite you to stand still for a moment together, to become aware of each other’s presence, to experience our wordless connection beyond differences, and to leave this circle with a warmer heart. A CIRCLE A DAY is a living monument for peace. A poem will mark the center of the circle where we will be standing together.
Can you imagine a large silent circle of people at the square? A circle that expands and contracts, in which everyone is welcome?
By standing in a circle together, we are engaged in a symbolic, tangible and visible action that stands out clearly for everyone to witness. Together we form an open and safe space where we can truly see one another. We welcome anyone who wants to join. It is inclusive. As people enter the circle, the circle grows. When they leave, the circle shrinks.
We hope that this first A CIRCLE A DAY will inspire people to replicate it in different towns, sharing with more and more people the simple act of standing together in a circle where this poem of peace is placed in its center.
CIRCLE TO COMMEMORATE & CONNECT – 22 MARCH 2023 – We have the choice
3pm – 4:30pm
Place De Brouckère, Brussels (tent)
Which choice do you make?
Seven years ago, on March 22, 2016, the attacks in Zaventem and Maalbeek affected everyone in our country. It was a tragic event that left us with a clear choice: Do we answer hate with more hate and fear or do we resolutely choose connection and kindness?
Besides the silent circle of A CIRCLE A DAY outside at the square, there will be a circle ritual accompanied by ‘We have the choice’ inside the large tent between 3pm and 4:30pm.
Everybody is welcome to join this circle in order to ‘remember and reconnect’. People passing by, victims, relatives, fellow citizens, first responders, young and old …

We will have time to listen to each other and share our experience of what we consider to be today’s challenges and hopegivers in our personal lives and in society. We want to explore how we can choose to continue to see what connects us rather than what pulls us into polarization, alienation or conflict. The circle will be guided by experienced facilitators in Dutch, French and English. Everyone can speak their own language. Silence is also welcome.

THE 22-03 GATHERING is an initiative of artist Alexandra Jacquet, initiator of A CIRCLE A DAY, and ‘We have the choice’ vzw/asbl, an organization that was founded in response to the attacks in Brussels in 2016, initiated by Kristin Verellen who lost her partner in the event. ‘We have the choice’ has been facilitating connecting circle rituals for human connection that mark important transitional moments for more than 6 years. Partners of THE 22-03 GATHERING are V-Europe and Hummus.