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You can also do your bit

“We have the Choice” will always be a volunteer movement: the Circle facilitators, all professionally skilled in guiding and supporting group dynamic processes, do this voluntarily and put their heart and soul into it. Having said that, there are a lot of recurring costs (such as transport, materials, publications and communications) that we cannot get away from.

Our movement is already receiving encouraging support from the King Baudouin Foundation and Orange.  In order to safeguard the quality of our projects and the future of our organization, we need more resources. If you believe in the added value of our Circles, then please support us with a donation or spread the word to your friends and family.

King Baudouin Foundation

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With the following reference: ***128/2920/00037***
You will receive a fiscal certificate for gifts of 40 euros or more
You will receive a gift certificate of 40 euros or more.