Four years after the attacks in Brussels and in the midst of corona prevention actions, we are nurturing trust in each other. We have the Choice and Bond zonder Naam invite you to a special ONLINE ritual of connection.

Sunday 22 March 2020

2 pm – 4 pm
ONLINE Eye Gazing Experiment
You can participate via this link:
You can easily create an account.

4:30 pm – 6 pm
ONLINE Circle ritual of We have the choice

You can participate via this link:
You can login online from 16h15 so you can test the connection.
Start Circle at 16h30.

Make sure you have a good wifi connection, preferably via a computer or laptop with camera.

Welcome between 14h and 16h to participate in the ONLINE Eye Contact Experiment.
Where is the connection between people?
Look 1 minute into the eyes of a stranger to find out. One minute eye contact means making real contact with someone else. Without (preliminary) judgements and expectations. Beyond the words.
By being in silence with each other in this way, we can experience our shared humanity.
Every year people in more than 300 cities worldwide participate in The Eye Gazing Experiment. Bond Zonder Naam joins this international movement as a statement for the importance of deeper human connection in times of polarization.

Afterwards you can participate in an ONLINE circle ritual from 16h30 to 18h. The Circle offers you a ritual space to find and share words on your personal experience. The circle helps to stand still, connect with others, become conscious about what is important for you, and to find the force to make authentic choices. Whatever happens, we always have the choice to choose love instead of falling into fear and hardening. The Circle is not
 a usual dialogue, it is about sharing and listening from heart to heart. Everyone can speak, but there is no need to speak. The quality of your presence is enough.
The Circles of the voluntary initiative We have the choice create since the attacks of 2016 spaces for standing still and connecting in various intercultural contexts, to promote a sense of community and to prevent further radicalization and violence.