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Activities 2019

28Nov '19

Corporate Circle in collaboration with SPES Forum and Etion

  • When Thursday 28 November 2019 at 18h
  • Where Archipelago, Remylaan 2b, 3018 Leuven
  • What The Corporate Circle is a circle of ambassadors around We have the Choice. Members of the Corporate Circle are entrepreneurs and business leaders who endorse and propagate the vision and values of the organization. Twice a year, We have the Choice organizes a Circle Ritual for members and managers who are interested in becoming a member.
    This fast-moving world brings great challenges, especially for you as an entrepreneur. In the Corporate Circle you can share how you deal with these challenges. This authentic sharing creates a personal and close-knit network. At the same time, you are inspired to initiate initiatives around connection and inclusion in your own business environment.
  • Participation 40 euro/pp ex VAT
  • Registration Organisational leaders and entrepreneurs can register


6 p.m. – Reception with fine sandwiches
18h45 – Presentation of the social project We have the Choice
7 p.m. – Circle ritual Still Standing – Standing still. How do I stand up? What does standing mean to me?
20h45 – Exchange
21h15 – Drink
22h – End

20Nov '19

Circle at Moderator and PROS in Mechelen

  • When Wednesday 20 November 19h
  • Where Mechelen – location to be confirmed
  • What Circle of We have the choice in the week of restorative justice on invitation of Moderator and PROS Mechelen.
  • Participation By invitation only
6Nov '19

Solitude belongs to everyone – Circle at WZC Kapelleveld in Ternat

  • When Wednesday 6 November 2019 14h
  • Where WZC Kapelleveld, Kerkstraat 39, Ternat
  • What We all experience moments of loneliness. Young or old, married or single, working or at home, rich or poor, healthy or sick. Loneliness belongs to everyone, regardless of our living conditions and cultural background. We come together in the Circle. Starting from silence, we share authentically about how loneliness touches, challenges and inspires us. No discussions, but listening and speaking from heart to heart. Everyone can speak, but that is not necessary. It is enough to be present.
  • Entrance 4 euros
  • Registration Mandatory
24Oct '19


  • When Thursday 24 October 2019 at 19h
  • Where Destelheide, Destelheidestraat 66, 1653 Dworp
  • What The exhibition Standing Still / Still Standing offers a total experience of photographs by Johan van Steen, poems by Kristin Verellen and testimonials by participants of the Circle Rites. This will be done in conjunction with the work of Brussels youngsters from Centre West who, in the summer of 2019, under the guidance of artist Katrien Oosterlinck and supported in Circles of We have the choice, started to work creatively on the Circle theme.
    Through various approaches, the exhibition Standing Still / Standing Standing allows visitors to experience how pausing at a situation contributes to connection with yourself and others, and ultimately to new resilience. Because no matter what happens to you, you can always choose how you deal with it. We have the choice. The exhibition will be opened at 19h with a musical and poetic animated interview with Kristin Verellen and Katrien Oosterlinck. Sigrid Bousset, director of the Herman Teirlinckhuis and Bryce Bettens, a passionate young talent from Beersel, will provide a lively conversation.
    Afterwards, you can discover the exhibition during a festive reception, and get a signed book to support the non-profit cause of We have the choice.
    At 20h30 you will have the opportunity to experience a Circle yourself, guided by We have the choice, in the beautiful setting of the exhibition. Paul J. Simon, a talented musician from the region, brings us in the right atmosphere with some of his new songs
  • More information: www.destelheide.be
  • Entrance: Free
  • Registration: for the vernissage and the circle is necessary – places in the circle are limited.
19Oct '19

Circle after sit-in of Silence for Peace in Leuven

  • When Saturday 19 October 2019 at 16h30
  • Where LivingLei, Lei 15, Leuven
  • What On Saturday 19 October, a silent sit-in by Silence for Peace will take place from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. at the Grote Markt in Leuven. Afterwards you can join in the circle of We have the choice and share about how silence touches you. The wonderful new initiative LivingLei welcomes us for this circle.
  • Entrance Free
  • Registration Not required
27Sep '19

Circle with students from KDG Antwerp

  • When 27 September 2019
  • Where KDG, Campus South, Antwerp
  • What Circle with a group of students from the teacher training program who are working creatively on the theme of Standing still/Still standing. Their work will be exhibited at KDG just before the exhibition of the same name. The exhibition Standing still/Still standing with photos by Johan Van Steen and poems by Kristin Verellen will be presented at KDG in February and March 2020.
  • Participation Only for the students involved
24Jul '19

Open circle at BlinkOut during the Gentse Feesten

  • When Wednesday 24th July at 14h00
  • Where BlinkOut, Vlaanderstraat 53, Ghent
  • What BlinkOut organises the programme ‘Laden en lossen’ (‘Loading and releasing’) and thus creates space for silence during the Gentse Feesten. The theme of this circle within the framework of  ‘Loading and releasing’ is: ‘What needs to be released?’. The circle creates a safe space within which we can share what moves us, emotions and experiences that are unexpressed or unprocessed. In this way, a new space is created where emotions and experiences can be given meaning and authentic choices becomes possible. The circle is a modern-day ritual which can mark a watershed moment in your life, or in society. We have a choice wants to participate in building a culture of inclusivity and understanding, transform powerlessness into agency, and connect people heart to heart. As an extension to this circle, Silence for Peace is planning a short sit-in, at a venue close to BlinkOut. Anybody is most welcome to join.
  • Entree Free
  • Booking Preferred
9Jul '19

Closed circle at vzw Jong

  • When 9 July 2019
  • Where Jong vzw, Ghent
  • What Vzw Jong is a youth welfare organisation in Ghent. Within the framework of a possible cooperation, we plan a circle with the youth workers of their various services.
  • Participation Only for the youth workers involved
8Jul '19

Closed circle during project week in Destelheide

  • When 8th of  July 2019
  • Where Residential Centre Destelheide
  • What We are planning a circle at the start of the project week with youth from Brussels. The youth will work around the theme of  ‘Standing Still/Still Standing’ under the guidance of an artist. The circle will create a safe space to express unprocessed emotions and to give meaning to it. The artistic results of this week, will form part of the exhibition which will take place in Destelheide from October 2019 onwards.
  • Participation Limited to the participants involved
1Jul '19

Closed Circle with facilitators of Ligand

  • When 1 July 2019
  • Where Ligand, Kortrijk
  • What Ligand facilitates activities and training sessions on working towards restoration and restitution
  • Participation Limited to the facilitators involved
24Jun '19

Closed Circle with final year students at the Atheneum of Antwerp

  • When 24th of  June 2019
  • Where Atheneum Antwerp
  • What We’ll be doing a circle with all the final year students of the Atheneum of Antwerp. This circle ritual serves to mark the transition to a new phase in their lives and creates the space to reflect on what that means.
  • Participation For final year students of  the Atheneum of Antwerp only
30May '19

Circle at the Ramadan festival Sultan der Maanden in Antwerp

  • When Thursday 30th May 2019 at 20h00
  • Where Sultan der Maanden, Desguinlei 246, 2018 Antwerp (parking PIVA) – in the Berbertent
  • What We have a choice will facilitate a circle at the Ramadan Festival Sultan der Maanden. We will be sharing what moves us and what connects us as citizens within a multicultural society. We reflect on the choices we are making. After the circle everybody can share in the Iftar meal.
  • Entrée Free
  • Booking Not required
29May '19

Circle for youngsters ‘I have the choice’ in Ghent

  • When Wednesday 29th May 2019 at 14h00
  • Where BlinkOut, Vlaanderen Street 53, Ghent
  • What We have the choice is organizing a circle for young people between 16 and 25 yrs at BlinkOut in Ghent. All young people are very welcome. This circle is, like a modern-day ritual, a moment in which we reflect on the choices  that we want to make, on the direction we want to take in life, our choice of studies and careers, and whether it lines up with our talents and missions in life.  The theme if this circle is ‘I have the choice’. We are making film clips on Instagram, of whoever feels like sharing something about his/her choices #ihavethechoice.  After the circle, you can access a free coaching session, utilizing the choice compass, by Catherine De Kesel of The Future Generation
  • Entree Free
  • Booking Essential
25May '19

Circle on day of inspiration on art, care, rituals

  • When Saturday, the 25th May 2019 from 10h00
  • Where Domain Menas, Blekkervijver Street 20, Aalter
  • What On the 25th of May, Barbara Raes will be hosting ‘Geneeskunst‘, a public ‘day of inspiration’ around art, care and rituals. Our lives turn around intentional and unintentional rituals. Some rituals source their strength from a rich history; others originate from modern needs and longings. How can old and new rituals in 2019 contribute to health and well-being? Are artists the new ritual creators? Or do the new ritual-makers come from the healthcare and welfare sectors? ‘Geneeskunst‘ is a ‘day of inspiration’ with lectures, walks, performances and visualisations to share experiences on new ritual practices  as it pertains to the care sector. This day is a warm-up and introduction to the nocturnal fire ritual ‘Uit handen  geven’ of Beyond the Spoken and Amenra. We have the choice will also conduct a Circle at this event.
  • Entrée All info can be found here. Tickets cost 20€.
19May '19

Open circle at d’Yserpasserelle

  • When Sunday, the 19th of May 2018, from 08h00 to 12h00
  • Where d’Yserpasserelle Centre, Linde Street 17A, 8691 Alveringem (between Ieper and Veurne)
  • What ‘Breakfast at the farm’ is a warm moment to gather at the farm, where the guests, after an extensive breakfast made with farm products, and a tour of the farm, will make time for reflection and personal growth. Sunday, the 19th of May has special meaning for Siska, the initiator. The themes for the morning will be hope and despair, love and saying farewell, letting go and keeping dreams alive.  We are planning a circle, a moment in which we can share something about our inner life and life experience with each other. Each person does it in his own way. A circle is not a debate; rather, it’s an invitation to become quiet, and to listen to yourself and each other.  Being present is the most important thing. Anybody can speak, but nobody is obliged to.
  • Program
    08h00 – 10h00: Extensive breakfast with regional and farm products
    10h00 – 10h30: Tour of the farm with Siska, initiator and host, sharing parts of her personal life journey
    10h30 – 12h00: Circle
  • Entrance 35 euro/pp (max 25 participants)
  • Booking Book via mail with Siskainfo@dyzerpasserelle.com or 0497 93 12 88
17May '19

Intercultural circle for youngsters and men during the Ramadan at The Foyer in Molenbeek

  • When Friday 17th May 2019 at 20h00
  • Where The Foyer, Werkhuizenstraat 17, Molenbeek
  • What We have the choice, in association with De Foyer will be facilitating a circle during Ramadan. We will be sharing what moves us and what connects us as citizens within a multicultural society. We reflect on the choices we are making. After the circle everybody can share in the Iftar meal. This circle is limited to adult and young men from different cultures and origins.
  • Entrée Free
  • Booking Essential
15May '19

Circle at IIRP Europe Conference on well-being and resilience

  • When Wednesday to Friday 15th-17th May 2019 (circle on Wednesday 15th May from 14h20 – 15h50)
  • Where Buda Island, Kortrijk
  • What We have the choice is a guest on the three-day conference IIRP Europe Conference on well-being and resilience in Kortrijk. On Wednesday 15th May in the afternoon, visitors can participate in a Circle. Kristin Verellen will co-launch the conference at 09h00 in the morning.
  • Entree All information regarding entrée to the conference can be found here.
10May '19

Intercultural women’s circle during the Ramadan at The Foyer in Molenbeek

  • When Friday 10th May 2019 at 20h00
  • Where The Foyer, Werkhuizen Street 25, Molenbeek
  • What We have the choice, in association with De Foyer will be facilitating a circle during Ramadan. We will be sharing what moves us and what connects us as citizens within a multicultural society. We reflect on the choices we are making. After the circle everybody can share in the Iftar meal. This circle is limited to women from different cultures and origins.
  • Entrée Free
  • Inscription Essentiel
10May '19

Circle in collaboration with Without Walls

  • When Friday 10th May 2019
  • Where Hoogstraten Prison
  • What On 10th May 2019, Hoogstraten Prison will be surrounded by a human chain under the leadership of Without Walls vzw. On the same day, one or more circles of We have the choice will be conducted within the prison, focusing on the theme ‘not forgetting and not being forgotten’. We will look at each other as people, who are far more than mere victims, or perpetrators.
  • Participation Limited to the particular prisoners. Anybody can participate in the human chain. Book here.
2May '19

Circle at Odisee University College

  • When Thursday 2nd May 2019 in the afternoon
  • Where Odisee, Huart Hamoir Avenue, Schaarbeek
  • What Circle with the first-year students of the faculty of family sciences at Odisee University College
  • Participation Limited to students of this particular faculty
28Apr '19

Lecture at Davidsfonds Aarsele

  • When Sunday 28th April 2019 at 10h30
  • Where Old Gemeentehuis/Municipal Office, Aarsele Street 4, 8700, Aarsele
  • What Testimony of Kristin Verellen at the Davidsfonds in Aarsele-Kanegem (West Flanders)
  • Participation Free and no booking necessary
  • More info
23Mar '19

Lecture on focus day ‘Triest Congregations’

  • When Saturday the 23rd March 2019 at 10h00
  • Where Ghent
  • What Testimony of Kristin Verellen on the focus day of the 3 Triest Congregations (Sisters of love J. M., Brothers of Love and Sisters of the Jesus Child)
  • Participation On invitation only
22Mar '19

Commemoration 22 March Birchwood Circle

  • When Friday 22 March 2019
  • Where The Birchwood Circle Memorial is situated in the Zonïen Forest close to the Gravendreef/ Drève du Compte in Watermaal-Bosvoorde (Brussels)
  • How to reach the location
    By public transport: Train station Bosvoorde or tram stop 8, Lieveheersbeestjes
    By car: Park at the parking area of the train station Bosvoorde or Parking BEPARK
    Calculate roughly 15-20 minutes of walking time from Bosvoorde station, tram stop or parking area to the Birchwood Circle. On the day the routes will be indicated clearly. 
  • It is important to book to facilitate catering and insurance arrangements. Participation is free
  • Program, info en map you find here

Three years ago, we were struck by the terror attacks in Brussels. Hate and terror, so close by, a shockwave went through the country. Since then, We have the choice has been inviting people to commune together in a circle, to listen to each other, heart to heart, despite and irrespective of differences between them, because every day we have the opportunity to make the choice for love above fear.

We welcome everybody and anybody who would like to commemorate the 22nd of March, to a ritual of remembrance at the Birchwood Circle in the Zonïen Forest. The Birchwood Circle is a beautiful monument amidst nature, created by landscape artist Bas Smets after being commissioned by Leefmilieu Brussel. It consists of an open space in the centre of the forest, surrounded by a round bench and 32 birchwood trees, as memorial to the 32 people who lost their lives and the numerous others who were injured on that fateful day.

We will come together in a circle to share what we live and what we feel, each in his/her own language. Nobody is obliged to speak; being present is enough. We will reserve special places for those directly affected by the attacks (victims, close family and friends, intervention- and support services). Anybody can take part in the circle, standing up or sitting down. The circle experience will be enhanced by a musical item by the Framagomi choir.

Whoever wants to, can, prior to the start of the circle ritual, participate in an hour of sitting in silence at the Brichwood Circle. This is an initiative of Silence for Peace.

Please contact us well before the event if you are a wheelchair user, via circles@wehavethechoice.com

This is an initiative of Circles – We have the choice vzw/asbl in partnership with Leefmilieu Brussels, FOD, Kanselarij of the Prime Minister, MIVB, Silence for Peace, V-Europe and Life4Brussels.

13Mar '19

Circle at Tejo Anvers

  • When Wednesday 13th March 2019 at 18h00
  • Where Anvers
  • What Within the framework of exploring a possible cooperative relationship with Tejo (therapy centre for young people) we are planning a Circle with the volunteer therapists of the team in Anvers.
  • Participation Limited to the volunteer therapists involved
27Feb '19

Circle with kindergarten teachers

  • When Wednesday the 27th of February 2019
  • Where Antwerp
  • What Within the framework of a study day, we will introduce teachers of a kindergarten to the cohesive power of a circle.
  • Participation Exclusively for the teachers of the school
25Feb '19

Circle at the ‘Mysterie van Onderwijs’

  • When Monday 25 March 2019 from 17h to 21h
  • Where Mysterie Hub Antwerp, Theatergarage Borgerhout
  • What Together with the Mysterie van Onderwijs we explore how circles can be used in change processes in schools and which collaborations are possible.
  • Participation By invitation only


  • Circles  
  • Projects  
  • Trainings  


Participating in a Circle is free of charge.

You are registered when you have received a confirmation by e-mail.  If you are coming with more than one person, please register each person individually.

​Can’t join us on any of these days?
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​Good to know:
In a Circle you can speak your own language. The facilitators speak Dutch, French and/or English depending on the people present. Even if you do not understand everything everybody says, we see time after time that listening in a Circle takes place on many levels. The language of silence and connection is universal.

Principles in a Circle:

  • What is shared in a Circle is confidential.
  • Each participant agrees to participate authentically and respectfully, and treats the others as equivalent.
  • We speak from human being to human being. This means that nobody speaks in the capacity of a role, function or rank.
  • No press, no pictures, unless all participants have expressed their agreement explicitly.
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