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Photos Johan Van Steen

Johan Van Steen was passionate about life and all it had to offer. He was also a talented photographer with an eye for the way light and shadow interact, the silence behind all things, the poetry of the ephemeral and essential beauty. Like the Circles his images invite us into inner stillness and awareness. The photos shown there are also partly published in a book “ Who am I without light?” (“Waar blijf ik met dat licht van mij”/“Qui suis je sans lumière”).

You can buy the photos here. By doing so you support the volunteers of We have the choice to keep on organising and facilitating connecting encounters in Circle. The book is for sale at the Circles, as well as in many bookshops online and offline.

A disarming peaceful answer to terror worldwide

This is an unusuallly honest and intimate book. The previously unpublished photography of Johan Van Steen and the poems of Kristin Verellen are deeply touching. A disarming, loving and creative answer to the terror that killed Johan, Kristins partner in life. This book can support and inspire many to come to terms with loss, to turn vulnerability into strength, to share the unnamable and to transform sadness into something beautiful.

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