• When Thursday 24 March at 7.30pm
  • Where Online
  • What Six years ago, the attacks took place in Brussels. The circle of 24 March in collaboration with Le Soir will not only be a moment of commemoration. The word ‘souvenir’ comes from ‘subvenire’, which means ‘to present oneself, to bring one’s presence to others’, so we will honour the victims as much as the living. “We have the choice”: do we get carried away or do we find our own voice? Do we sink or rise to the surface? And how do we stay close to ourselves in the current chaos? We will start from a line of Rumi, a Persian poet of the 13th century who says: “Beyond the ideas of good and evil, there is a field. That is where we meet.
    Participation Free
    Registration by email at communications@lesoir.be