At BOZAR, the awards of the Johan Van Steen Photography Contest were presented at the end of April. The 5-member jury with Mr. Tim Dirven (photographer), Ms. Tamara Berghmans (Photo Museum Antwerp), Ms Viviane Smekens (honorary director of Scholengroep Brussel), Mr. Luckas Vander Taelen (journalist and politician) and Ms Kristin Verellen judged 80 submissions of photography students from 9 Brussels schools .

Benoit Desmet won the first prize with the photo Escaped from the glass bell, HOPE wears a white dress, in which he subtly plays with grays and illusions. The second prize went to Simon De Schepper for the photo Warm embraced by the light on my path. The third prize was given for Thomas Van Den Bergh for his work titled Hope roots.

The Photography Contest is an organized by Scholengroep Brussel and Cvo Coovi, in partnership with Circles – We Have The Choice.

Photo: Winning entry – Benoit Desmet
Escaped from the glass bell, HOPE wears a white dress