Until June 3 you can visit the exhibition of the 10 Contesr laureates at BOZAR. Their winning submissions will be displayed alongside Johan Van Steen’s photos. At the exhibiltion, visitors are invited to nominate their preferred picture for the Public award, which will be presented at BOZAR during the exhibition’s closing event on June 3rd.

Circle at the Closing Event on June 3rdat 3 pm
At the end of the exhibition, we will organize a Circle on the theme of Hope at BOZAR.
You can register here

The photos by Johan Van Steen on display at the exhibition are for sale. You can place your order here.
The profits of the sales of photos and of the book Where am I without this light of mine ? will go to the Circles – We have the choice.

Photo: Second laureate Simon De Schepper
Warm embraced by the light