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When the world needs us to sit together, listen and connect


Circles are meaningful encounters with a group of people to reflect on what happens to each of us in this age of hardening and extreme violence.

They provide a safe space to share between people what this does to you, how you feel about it and what you want to do with it. Without pressure and where being silent is also accepted.

Healing circles. They allow the indivisible to be shared. To transcend pain, sadness, anger, fear, guilt and shame. They create openings for new meaning, connection, joy, solidarity, and well-being.

There are two types of Circles

  • Open Circles (open registrations)
  • Network Circles (within an existing organization or group, participation only on invitation)

Both the Open Circles and Network Circles can take place in person or online.

Would you like to organize a circle with our support?
Would you like to offer a location for a circle?
Would you like to become a Circle facilitator yourself? Please contact us

A Circle is not a therapy group. Looking for psychological support or a therapist?
Here ​you will find information that can be of help : www.bipe.be


Past activities

22Mar '21

Online Circle ‘Loss & Love’ • 22 March 2021

We are much more interconnected than we thought. We are discovering this today in the current pandemic as we did 5 years ago during the attacks in Brussels. Both then and now, we are living in a fragile period. We risk losing some of the things that are precious to us. Our loved ones and friends, our ideals of a stable future for ourselves and our children, our trust in a safe and healthy planet.
Who and what have we lost or need to let go of? We reflect on what is still unspoken and unprocessed. What is it like to lose loved ones suddenly or at a distance? How do we grieve or not? How do we stand when life shows its raw side? What can still give us meaning… and what do we choose?
The Circles are a contemporary, creative form of an ancient ritual to celebrate, honour, commemorate, mourn, deepen, meet on a deeper level. The Circle is not a discussion. We share from heart to heart about what really touches us as human beings. Just being present and listening is also fine.
We have the Choice was born out of a civic initiative by Kristin Verellen – who lost her life partner Johan Van Steen in the Maalbeek attacks on 22 March 2016 – and a circle of friends. We have the choice has grown into an organisation with more than 50 volunteer circle counselors. Since the attacks, We have the choice has been guiding Circles, both on location and online, in different contexts at key moments, in collaboration with partner organisations.
  • When  Monday 22 March 2021 • 17h – 18h30
  • Where  Online
  • Participation  free
  • Registration mandatory
29Jan '21

Online Circle for students of Odisee Aalst

  • When Friday 29 January 2021
  • Where Online
  • What Circle for students of Odisee Aalst as part of a two-day event around the theme ‘connected with yourself’.
  • Participation Only for the students involved
19Jan '21

Online Circle for care givers

When Tuesday 19 January 2021 from 7.30 p.m. to 9 p.m.
Where Online
What Circle for all care providers, care seekers, informal carers, volunteers and students in care. To take care of yourself and to refuel in solidarity in this intense corona period. Initiative in cooperation with the professional association for spiritual carers. More info. Circle in Dutch.
Participation Free
Register via email to beroepsvereniging.pastores@gmail.com stating the date of the circle you want to participate in.

4Jan '21

Online Circle employees Odisee

  • When Monday 4 January 2021
  • Where Online
  • What Circle for employees of Odisee SAW with the theme ‘close by from a distance’.
  • Participation By invitation only
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