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Activities 2017

19May '19

Open circle at d’Yserpasserelle

  • When Sunday, the 19th of May 2018, from 08h00 to 12h00
  • Where d’Yserpasserelle Centre, Linde Street 17A, 8691 Alveringem (between Ieper and Veurne)
  • What ‘Breakfast at the farm’ is a warm moment to gather at the farm, where the guests, after an extensive breakfast made with farm products, and a tour of the farm, will make time for reflection and personal growth. Sunday, the 19th of May has special meaning for Siska, the initiator. The themes for the morning will be hope and despair, love and saying farewell, letting go and keeping dreams alive.  We are planning a circle, a moment in which we can share something about our inner life and life experience with each other. Each person does it in his own way. A circle is not a debate; rather, it’s an invitation to become quiet, and to listen to yourself and each other.  Being present is the most important thing. Anybody can speak, but nobody is obliged to.
  • Program
    08h00 – 10h00: Extensive breakfast with regional and farm products
    10h00 – 10h30: Tour of the farm with Siska, initiator and host, sharing parts of her personal life journey
    10h30 – 12h00: Circle
  • Entrance 35 euro/pp (max 25 participants)
  • Booking Book via mail with Siskainfo@dyzerpasserelle.com or 0497 93 12 88
22Mar '19

Ritual of Remembrance Birchwood tree circle

  • When Friday the 22nd of March 2019
  • Where Birchwood tree circle, Zoniën Forest, Brussels
  • What 32 People died on the 22nd of March 2016 as a result of the attacks on Maelbeek Metro station and Zaventem Airport. The Brussels minister of the environment, Céline Frémault, commissioned landscape architect Bas Smets to create a place of remembrance with 32 birchwood trees in the eastern part of the Zoniën forest. In this circle, We have the choice in organising a ritual of remembrance for the victims of the attacks, those affected and anybody who would like to make time on the day for reflection and connection.
  • Program
    14u30 – 15u30: A moment of silence – Silence for Peace
    16u – 17u15: Circle of  We have the choice with musical performance
  • Entrance Free
  • Booking  Booking is essential – more info will follow soonSave the date
27Feb '19

Circle with kindergarten teachers

  • When Wednesday the 27th of February 2019
  • Where Antwerp
  • What Within the framework of a study day, we will introduce teachers of a kindergarten to the cohesive power of a circle.
  • Participation Exclusively for the teachers of the school
25Feb '19

Circle at the ‘Mysterie van Onderwijs’

  • When Monday 25 March 2019 from 17h to 21h
  • Where Mysterie Hub Antwerp, Theatergarage Borgerhout
  • What Together with the Mysterie van Onderwijs we explore how circles can be used in change processes in schools and which collaborations are possible.
  • Participation By invitation only
16Nov '17

Training Circle Facilitator

  • When? 16 november 2017 from 9.30 till 17.30
  • Where? Venue to be confirmed
  • Price? Free
  • Lunch? Take something with you to share with the others
  • With? Kristin Verellen, Jean Verstraete, Karen Van Heuckelom & Stien Michiels
  • Commitment? Participate in 2 Circles on beforehand. Afterwards facilitate at least 2 Circles.
23Sep '17

In the context of Silence for Peace

  • When? 23 September 2017 – 14h00
  • Where? KDG Hogeschool, Nationalestraat 5
  • Supervisors? Kristin, Karen & Stien, in collaboration with VOEM vzw
10Sep '17


  • When? 10 September 2017 – 10h00
  • Where? Voldersveldhoeve, Kruisstraat 14, Kerkhove
  • Supervisors? Kristin, Dora, Lieven & Hilde
9Sep '17

Network circle

  • Where? 09 September 2017 – 19h00
  • When? Kerkhove
  • Supervisors? Dora, Jean & Hilde
26May '17

Fête du Ramadan

  • When? 26 May 2017 – 17h00
  • Where? Hospitality Festival, Parc Elisabeth
  • Supervisors? Kristin, Fatima, Igor, Karen
26May '17

We have the choice @ Hospitality Festival

  • When? 26 of May from 17.00u till 18u30
  • Where? Brussels – In the Berber Tent near Bar Eliza in the Parc Elisabeth
  • What? ITogether with Citizenne we organise an intercultural/interreligious Circle in the framework of the Hospitality Festival, an event that announces the start of the Ramadan, which takes place this year from Friday evening 26 of May until Saturday evening the 24th of June.  This Circle is for all who feel concerned by creating connections between the different layers of our society. Connections as a postive choice for our common societal challenges.
  • Register? On-site
11Apr '17


  • When? 11 April 2017 – 18h30
  • Where? Brussels, Ravenstein Galerij 49
  • Supervisors? Kristin, Jean, Lieven
5Apr '17


  • When? 05 April 2017 – 18u30
  • Where? Brussels – Ravenstein Galerij 49
  • Supervisors? Kristin, Karen, Igor
29Mar '17

Circle for Relief Workers

  • When? 29 March 2017 – 19h30
  • Where? Brussels, Ravenstein Galerij 49
  • Supervisors? Kristin, Jean, Hilde
26Mar '17


  • When? 26 March 2017 – 19h00
  • Where? Brussels – Ravenstein Galerij 49
  • Supervisors? Hilde, Monica
22Mar '17

Circles – We have the choice @ Bruzz

  • Wanneer? 22 maart 2017
  • Waar? Verschillende plaatsen in Brussel
  • Wat? De vereniging Circles-We have the choice organiseert al een heel jaar Cirkels voor rechtstreekse en onrechtstreekse slachtoffers van de aanslagen. Met die Cirkels wil Kristin Verellen, die haar man verloor bij de aanslag in Maalbeek, samen met een groep van professionele begeleiders momenten van zinvol samenzijn, inclusie en dialoog creëren om zo trauma’s helen en gemeenschappen en mensen verbinden. Op 22 maart zullen zij op verschillende symbolische plaatsen in Brussel dergelijke Cirkels organiseren.
  • Extra info : Lees hier het artikel
18Mar '17

Photo Expo Johan Van Steen & Circles – We have the choice @ BOZAR

  • When? 18 March– 18 April ’17
  • Where? Ravenstein Galerij 49
  • What? Johan Van Steen was a passionate photographer. His dream of presenting his photography to a wider world was broken by the attack of 22 March 2016. The exhibition “Light and Shadow” pays homage to a man able to unite light and shadow in his life and in his art.
    In the same spirit Circles – We have the choice saw the light.  It’s an initiative by his partner Kristin Verellen and a circle of friends, inviting people to come together and connect as an answer to intolerance, blind violence and collective trauma. Everyone touched by or witness to what extremism and terror can do to us as people and as a society is welcome. In ‘Circles’ sharing with others, in the ‘Listening Room’ with a psychotherapist or at the ‘Listening Wall’ where you can leave a testimony.
  • Opening hours? Tuesday – Sunday 12:00 – 18:00, On Thursdays until 21:00
6Mar '17


  • When? 06 March 2017 – 18h15
  • Where? Brussels – Les Sources
  • Supervisors? Kristin, Stien, Karen
5Mar '17


  • When? 05 March 2017 – 18h30
  • Where? Brussels, Ravenstein Galerij 49
  • Supervisors? Kristin, Karen, Igor
1Mar '17


  • When? 1 March 2017 – 19h30
  • Where? Ghent – Triratna Buddhist Centre
  • Supervisors? Kristin, Hilde, Jean
18Feb '17

La petite Fabriek

  • When? 18 February 2017 – 16h00
  • Where? Doornik/Tournai
  • What and supervisors? Kristin, Stien, Jean + Photo Expo Johan Van Steen – Light & Shadow
31Jan '17


  • When? 31 January 2017 – 17u00
  • Where? Rue Augustin Delporte, 89, Brussels
  • Supervisors? Kristin, Karen, Jean


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Participating in a Circle is free of charge.

You are registered when you have received a confirmation by e-mail.  If you are coming with more than one person, please register each person individually.

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​Good to know:
In a Circle you can speak your own language. The facilitators speak Dutch, French and/or English depending on the people present. Even if you do not understand everything everybody says, we see time after time that listening in a Circle takes place on many levels. The language of silence and connection is universal.

Principles in a Circle:

  • What is shared in a Circle is confidential.
  • Each participant agrees to participate authentically and respectfully, and treats the others as equivalent.
  • We speak from human being to human being. This means that nobody speaks in the capacity of a role, function or rank.
  • No press, no pictures, unless all participants have expressed their agreement explicitly.