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Activities 2018

22Mar '18

Reconnection Ritual with choreographer Lisbeth Gruwez and dervish Osman Catik

  • Whenr? 22 March 8 p.m.
  • Where? BOZAR, Rue Ravensteinstraat 23, 1000 Brussels
  • What? Two years ago Kristin Verellen lost her life partner in the terror attack at Maelbeek station. Circles – We have the choice is her response to this and other forms of hardening, polarising and extreme violence. A citizen’s initiative that uses an age-old ritual – the Circle – in new ways, in places where there is a need for people to stop, listen and connect. In places where cultures come into contact with one another, for example. This Reconnection Ritual, with choreographer Lisbeth Gruwez (Voetvolk) and dervish Osman Catik (Derwish Advisory), is also an encounter between East and West. It is an invitation to form a ‘We’ which embraces the ‘I’ alongside hundreds of fellow citizens and young dancers from all over the world.
  • Entrance? Free entrance
  • Booking? Booking compulsory
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21Mar '18

Open Circle BRUSSELS KAAITHEATER in the context of Re:Rite

  • When? 21 march 2018 from 18:30 till 20:00
  • Where? Kaaitheater | Sainctelette Square 20 | 1000 Brussels
  • What? Open Circle followed by a conversation with Jone Salomonson, Koen Vansynghel and Kristin Verellen.
  • Host? Kristin Verellen
  • Facilitation of the Circle? Stien Michiels & Karen Van Heuckelom
  • More info? www.kaaitheater.be
14Mar '18

Open Circle in BRUSSELS on March, 22

  • When? 22 March 2018 at 17:30 till 19:00
  • Where? BOZAR, Salon royal | Rue Ravenstein 23 | 1000 Brussels
  • What? A qualitative moment in which we become still and quiet, then share with each other in words or in silence what is going on inside of us. After the Circle you can join us for the “Reconnection Ritual” with choreographer Lisbeth Gruwez (Voetvolk) and derwish Osman Catik (Derwish Advisory) in the Horta Hall. CAUTION, for this part you have to book on the website of BOZAR.
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9Mar '18

Circles Zinnema Brussel

  • When? 9-10 march 2018 at 20u30 and 11 march 2018 at 15u30
  • Where? Centrum voor Amateurkunsten Zinnema in Brussel (Anderlecht)
  • What? Two Circles in the context of ‘Aline’, a theatre play (in Dutch) written and directed by Stien Michiels, addressing issues of vulnerability, authenticity and connection. In collaboration with CGG Brussels Lila. (Centre for mental health).
  • Registration? Registration via Zinnema.
2Mar '18

Ready to explore the silence “In Between” the melodies?

A little while ago one of the biggest “Circle”-events took place, during the Waerbeke conference in Antwerp. Steven Vrancken’s live music was a very welcome support for everyone to be able to drop deeper into the silence, and the heart-to-heart connection.

On March 1, Steven was again a partner for We have the Choice: his voice and piano supported the words of Mohamed El Bachiri at the book-launch of Waar blijf ik met dat licht van mij?

If you want to experience Steven’s music to the fullest, you are most welcome to his concert in Ghent, March 24th. Wouter Vercruysse on cello and Edwin Vanvinckenroye on violin / vocals, are the featured guest musicians. More info & tickets:   www.stevenvrancken.com

1Mar '18


  • When? 1 march 2018 – 20.00
  • Where? KVS_Box | Arduinkaai 7 – 1000 Brussels | (metro IJzer/Yser)
  • What? Book presentation by Kristin Verellen with Stien Michiels, Mohamed El Bachiri & Steven Vrancken, Tutu Puoane & Ewout Pierreux, Helen Borremans, Peter Jacquemyn, Simen Van Mechelen.
29Jan '18

Training Circle Facilitator

  • When? 29 january 2018 – from 9.30u till 17.00u
  • Where? Venue to be confirmed (Brussels area)
  • With? Kristin Verellen, Jean Verstraete & Stien Michiels
  • Price? Free
  • Lunch? Take something with you to share with the others
  • Engagement? Participate in 2 Circles on beforehand. Afterwards facilitate at least 2 Circles
18Jan '18

Open Circle

  • When? 18 January 2018
  • Where? 3E, Kalkkaai 6, 1000 Brussels
  • Supervisors? Kristin, Stien & Johan


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Participating in a Circle is free of charge.

You are registered when you have received a confirmation by e-mail.  If you are coming with more than one person, please register each person individually.

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​Good to know:
In a Circle you can speak your own language. The facilitators speak Dutch, French and/or English depending on the people present. Even if you do not understand everything everybody says, we see time after time that listening in a Circle takes place on many levels. The language of silence and connection is universal.

Principles in a Circle:

  • What is shared in a Circle is confidential.
  • Each participant agrees to participate authentically and respectfully, and treats the others as equivalent.
  • We speak from human being to human being. This means that nobody speaks in the capacity of a role, function or rank.
  • No press, no pictures, unless all participants have expressed their agreement explicitly.

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