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When the world needs us to sit together, listen and connect


Circles are meaningful encounters with a group of people to reflect on what happens to each of us in this age of hardening and extreme violence.

They provide a safe space to share between people what this does to you, how you feel about it and what you want to do with it. Without pressure and where being silent is also accepted.

Healing circles. They allow the indivisible to be shared. To transcend pain, sadness, anger, fear, guilt and shame. They create openings for new meaning, connection, joy, solidarity, and well-being.

There are two types of Circles

  • Open Circles (open registrations)
  • Network Circles (within an existing organization or group, participation only on invitation)

Both the Open Circles and Network Circles can take place in person or online.

Would you like to organize a circle with our support?
Would you like to offer a location for a circle?
Would you like to become a Circle facilitator yourself? Please contact us

A Circle is not a therapy group. Looking for psychological support or a therapist?
Here ​you will find information that can be of help : www.bipe.be


Past activities

4Nov '18

Open Circle at Wakker voor Vrede

  • When Sunday 4 November – Open Circle: 10:30 – 12:30 – Testimony Kristin: 15:00
  • Where Klerkenstraat 41A, Langemark-Poelkapelle
  • What Vredeswakes Langemark 2014-18 brings people together for four years around one goal: to stay awake to peace and especially to everything that stands in the way of peace today. On 4 November a circle is planned at 10.30 am. Subsequently, Kristin Verellen will testify during the ‘vredeswake’ at 3 pm. The Circles of We have the choice stimulate the self-healing power. They connect people from heart to heart, which makes it possible to transcend pain, sorrow, anger, fear, guilt and shame. They create openings to new meaning, joy, solidarity action and well-being. The Circles create for many the desire to bite back into life. A Circle is not a debate. During a Circle we create a moment in which we become silent for a moment. From what lives within us, we share a piece of our experience. Everyone does this in his or her own way: by telling something, by listening, by calling up an image… Everyone can take the floor, but that is not necessary.
  • Entrance Free
  • Registration Obligatory via www.wakkervoorvrede.be
1Nov '18

Open circle at the Boekenbeurs – Bouwcentrum Antwerp

  • When Thursday 1 November 3 PM: Conversation with Kristin Verellen – 4PM: Open Circle
  • Where Boekenbeurs Bouwcentrum Antwerp – Conversation with Kristin: Orange Stage Hall 3 – Open Circle: 2nd floor Orange Hall
  • What Circles – We have the choice has grown out of a voluntary citizens’ initiative of Kristin Verellen – who lost her life partner in the attacks of Maalbeek on 22 March 2016 – and a circle of friends. Since the attacks, this group of facilitators organizes moments of meaningful, connecting togetherness in Circle, in different contexts. They want to contribute to the common good by creating a culture of inclusion and dialogue, healing collective trauma in people and communities, transforming powerlessness into power and connecting people from heart to heart. At the book fair Kristin Verellen will present her book ‘Waar blijf ik met dat licht van mij?’ with photos of her partner Johan Verellen and poems by her. Moderator Sjoukje Smedts will talk to Kristin at 15h. Afterwards at 16h everyone who wants can participate in a circle and experience the power of being in circle. The circle continues on the 2nd floor.
  • Entrance Free
  • Registration Obligatory
31Oct '18

Introduction circle for teachers in Antwerp

  • When Wednesday 31 October 12h – 12h45
  • Where Boekenbeurs – Bouwcentrum Antwerp – Yellow Stage – Hall 1
  • What Circles also appear to be a very powerful method within schools, both for teachers and pupils. Circles can be part of a longer deepening process. We share our experience with circles in the educational context and let you experience briefly how a circle works. At the book fair Kristin Verellen will present her book ‘Waar blijf ik met dat licht van mij?’ with photos of her partner Johan Verellen and poems by her.
  • Entrance Free
  • Registration Obligatory
27Oct '18

Open circle at De Tinten for Silence for Peace

  • When Saturday October 27th – arrive from 10.30am – circle starts at 11am
  • Where De Tinten, Nederpolder 6, Ghent
  • What De Tinten is aimed at people without valid residence permits. During the circle at De Tinten, everyone is welcome, with or without papers, with Belgian or foreign roots. In the circle we meet each other in what unites us, in being human. After the circle we join the sit-in of Silence for Peace at the City Hall.
  • Entrance Free contribution
  • Participation Registration not necessary, find the event on Facebook here. Maximum 50 participants.