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When the world needs us to sit together, listen and connect


Circles are meaningful encounters with a group of people to reflect on what happens to each of us in this age of hardening and extreme violence.

They provide a safe space to share between people what this does to you, how you feel about it and what you want to do with it. Without pressure and where being silent is also accepted.

Healing circles. They allow the indivisible to be shared. To transcend pain, sadness, anger, fear, guilt and shame. They create openings for new meaning, connection, joy, solidarity, and well-being.

There are two types of Circles

  • Open Circles (open registrations)
  • Network Circles (within an existing organization or group, participation only on invitation)

Both the Open Circles and Network Circles can take place in person or online.

Would you like to organize a circle with our support?
Would you like to offer a location for a circle?
Would you like to become a Circle facilitator yourself? Please contact us

A Circle is not a therapy group. Looking for psychological support or a therapist?
Here ​you will find information that can be of help : www.bipe.be


22Mar '19

Commemoration 22 March Birchwood Circle

  • When Friday 22 March 2019
  • Where The Birchwood Circle Memorial is situated in the Zonïen Forest close to the Gravendreef/ Drève du Compte in Watermaal-Bosvoorde (Brussels)
  • How to reach the location
    By public transport: Train station Bosvoorde or tram stop 8, Lieveheersbeestjes
    By car: Park at the parking area of the train station Bosvoorde or Parking BEPARK
    Calculate roughly 15-20 minutes of walking time from Bosvoorde station, tram stop or parking area to the Birchwood Circle. On the day the routes will be indicated clearly. 
  • It is important to book to facilitate catering and insurance arrangements. Participation is free
  • Program, info en map you find here

Three years ago, we were struck by the terror attacks in Brussels. Hate and terror, so close by, a shockwave went through the country. Since then, We have the choice has been inviting people to commune together in a circle, to listen to each other, heart to heart, despite and irrespective of differences between them, because every day we have the opportunity to make the choice for love above fear.

We welcome everybody and anybody who would like to commemorate the 22nd of March, to a ritual of remembrance at the Birchwood Circle in the Zonïen Forest. The Birchwood Circle is a beautiful monument amidst nature, created by landscape artist Bas Smets after being commissioned by Leefmilieu Brussel. It consists of an open space in the centre of the forest, surrounded by a round bench and 32 birchwood trees, as memorial to the 32 people who lost their lives and the numerous others who were injured on that fateful day.

We will come together in a circle to share what we live and what we feel, each in his/her own language. Nobody is obliged to speak; being present is enough. We will reserve special places for those directly affected by the attacks (victims, close family and friends, intervention- and support services). Anybody can take part in the circle, standing up or sitting down. The circle experience will be enhanced by a musical item by the Framagomi choir.

Whoever wants to, can, prior to the start of the circle ritual, participate in an hour of sitting in silence at the Brichwood Circle. This is an initiative of Silence for Peace.

Please contact us well before the event if you are a wheelchair user, via circles@wehavethechoice.com

This is an initiative of Circles – We have the choice vzw/asbl in partnership with Leefmilieu Brussels, FOD, Kanselarij of the Prime Minister, MIVB, Silence for Peace, V-Europe and Life4Brussels.

2May '19

Circle at Odisee University College

  • When Thursday 2nd May 2019 in the afternoon
  • Where Odisee, Huart Hamoir Avenue, Schaarbeek
  • What Circle with the first-year students of the faculty of family sciences at Odisee University College
  • Participation Limited to students of this particular faculty
10May '19

Circle at The Foyer in Molenbeek

  • When Friday night the 10th of May, 2019
  • Where The Foyer, Werkhuizen Street 25, Molenbeek
  • What Circle within the framework of Ramadaan where everybody is welcome. The circle will be followed by the Iftar meal.
  • Entree Free
  • Booking More info to follow

Past activities

13Mar '19

Circle at Tejo Anvers

  • When Wednesday 13th March 2019 at 18h00
  • Where Anvers
  • What Within the framework of exploring a possible cooperative relationship with Tejo (therapy centre for young people) we are planning a Circle with the volunteer therapists of the team in Anvers.
  • Participation Limited to the volunteer therapists involved
27Feb '19

Circle with kindergarten teachers

  • When Wednesday the 27th of February 2019
  • Where Antwerp
  • What Within the framework of a study day, we will introduce teachers of a kindergarten to the cohesive power of a circle.
  • Participation Exclusively for the teachers of the school
25Feb '19

Circle at the ‘Mysterie van Onderwijs’

  • When Monday 25 March 2019 from 17h to 21h
  • Where Mysterie Hub Antwerp, Theatergarage Borgerhout
  • What Together with the Mysterie van Onderwijs we explore how circles can be used in change processes in schools and which collaborations are possible.
  • Participation By invitation only
21Nov '18

Circle at Thomas More High School in Antwerp

  • When Wednesday, 21st November, 2018
  • Where Thomas More National Campus, Antwerp
  • What During the diversity weeks, we will be doing a circle with the Applied Psychology students at Thomas More High School. This circle is meant to be a moment of quiet reflection, in a week that would be, for them, filled with emotions, impressions and experiences.  It would be a moment, spent together in a meaningful way, encountering each other as people. The circle aims to create, for the students, the opportunity to re-connect with themselves, and with fellow students.
  • Participation For students only