Circle at Gestaltcongres in Rotterdam

  • When 10 november 2018
  • Where Rotterdam
  • What We are facilitating a circle at the Nederlands-Vlaams Gestalt Congres  in Rotterdam with the theme ‘Courage within, courage on the outside’. We want to build a culture of inclusive togetherness and dialogue that serves to heal, creating a renewed sense of connection, vitality, meaning and progressive engagement. By listening with an open heart to ourselves and to each other, and by communicating person to person – separate from our conventional roles – awareness and a sense of community can grow. It makes it possible to free ourselves from prejudices and dogma’s, and to make authentic and socially responsible choices. This demands courage. It takes courage to question ourselves as therapists. Circles are healing, but they are not group therapy. How can we start a self-healing movement in our society? This is a movement which does not limit itself to the therapy space, but that extends itself into the real-life spaces outside in society. We invite you to be part of this movement.
  • Participation On invitation only